Friday, January 6, 2012

New Years Resolutions

New Years Resolutions, everyone has them. One of the most popular resolutions relates to personal fitness. Every year it seems this is on my list. The former surgeon general, C. Edward Koop said that fitness was a journey, not a destination. Goodness knows this is true. If fitness was an island, I have visited that destination but am forever seeking to get back there.

I have read so many interesting things lately. As my closest confidantes know, I am forever saying "I read somewhere....." This will be my log of things that strike me as intriguing that might be of interest to others.

With regards to jogging and running, my favorite read was in an old Runner's World magazine about a Kenyan fellow. This fellow had been told to become more physically active by his family doctor. He was ashamed to run during the daytime for fear his neighbors would see him. (I can identify with that!) He started running at night time and became an Olympic contestant in the marathon. His humble words, even in the face of such athletic prowess, struck a note with me: no matter what shape you are in the first 15 minutes sucks for everyone!


  1. Katy, I didn't know you were blogging! I look forward to reading your posts.

  2. I have a genealogy blog, but I thought I should keep track of those things I read that I find interesting. I am getting tired of saying "I read somewhere..." and not being able to come up with where I read it. I read so much, and there are so many interesting tidbits that I wish I had written down, one of my New Years' Resolutions is to do just that.